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The AFTER TWILIGHT feature-film project has been pre-branded with a six-part comic book series that was published between October 2011 and September 2012 by Nu-Classic Publishing, established by writer/director Gary L. Watson. This story of a brutal Texas theocracy and the librarian who fights back has found an audience with progressive Christians, atheists, comic book fans, and lovers of future dystopian thrillers. AFTER TWILIGHT's loyal fans span the US and participate in discussions on our Facebook page.

Comic book reviewers have called the series "startlingly scary," "brave," "timely," "dark and gritty," and has "barely repressed sexuality and oppressive brutality in perfect measure."

The AFTER TWILIGHT comic book series is sold online and at select comic book stores across the country.

Promotion of the series has been supported by an extensive social media presence, comic book conventions and book signing events, and numerous marketing videos. Go to for more details about the story and marketing behind this extraordinary series.

The story taps into current events, and its relevance is seen in the headlines on a daily basis.