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The AFTER TWILIGHT SHORT FILM began in 2001, when writer/director Gary L. Watson wrote a story about a future theocratic government in Texas at war with the United States, fighting to become a separate Christian nation. It's a dark world where a militaristic police force enforces oppressive biblical-based laws with fear and violence.

Watson formed Nu-Classic Films to produce AFTER TWILIGHT as a short, proof of concept film in 2003. AFTER TWILIGHT was prescient in establishing a storylline about a secessionist, anti-federal government movement in Texas. Combine that growing secessionist sentiment with the strength of the religious right in Texas politics and education, and the foundation of the story of AFTER TWILIGHT is firmly established--not as an anti-faith or anti-Christian story but as a story that warns of the dangers of extremeism.

Styled after the film-noir movies of the 1940s, the short black-and-white film was made on a shoestring budget with an all-volunteer cast and crew in Houston, Texas and was well-received at film festivals and private screenings. The AFTER TWILIGHT feature film screenplay is a further development and expansion of the story in the short, proof of concept production. For more information about the feature film development, go to

The AFTER TWILIGHT (2004) short film is available on Vimeo On Demand. The cost is $1.99 for a 72-hour streaming period.